Solar  power plant

In Nostec we offer scalable microgrid solutions that require only a fraction of the capital that large centralized electrical grids would. Solutions that Nostec offers range from  a solar panel plant (ranging from 10kW to 1000kW) to household specific solar systems. Our vision is to establish microgrid communities with solar panel plant providers as well as prosumers (consumers with their own solar panels) that feed their excess electricity to the microgrid in exchange for fiat currency. These microgrids would run semi autonomously, with load balancing, management and billing managed by our currently in development blockchain technology based ad hoc microgrid management system.


Blockchain based microgrid management system

Our blockchain based microgrid management system is state of the art and is currently in development in co-operation with TU Darmstadt University. Blockchain technology which is often associated with cryptocurrencies has seen it’s way in various systems, offering a distributed way to manage assets and ensuring trust through consensus algorithms. Blockchain is a vital technology in developing countries where often trust is lacking between customers and companies. In fact we are betting on the fact that we will see blockchain first really widely to be adopted in developing countries for this very reason.


Consulting services

We also offer wide range of services for investors and companies aiming to enter East African Markets.  Our services include executing feasibility and market studies, finding right partners and giving technical and legal support in the target market.